Meet Deborah McKenzie

Deborah McKenzie is prepared to represent her riding

Like many of her fellow Torontonians, Deborah McKenzie was not born in Canada. She emigrated from Scotland with her family at a young age and grew up in North York.

After graduating from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Science in communicative disorders, Deborah became the primary speech-language pathologist at Bruce Grey Children’s Services in Owen Sound.

A true Gen-Xer, Deborah enjoyed a variety of positions in different industries before finding her niche in the world of educational toys.

Deborah enjoys living in the Beaches East-York and all that the area has to offer. Like many of her fellow PPC members, Deborah was inspired to become involved in politics by the new approach offered by the People’s Party of Canada.

Our candidate going out on a ledge to make a political point at Toronto's CN Tower.

Deborah’s interest soon grew from reading social media posts about “cheaper chickens” to volunteering for Maxime Bernier’s leadership campaign, to organizing an Electoral District Association (EDA) for the PPC in Beaches-East York to now standing as a candidate for the party that offers Canadians a real change from establishment parties.

The idea of cheaper chicken through the abolishment of the antiquated supply management system may have drawn Deborah into politics, but what is now fueling her to campaign is the need to support the only federal party standing up for the right of Canadians to have freedom of speech.

This is the fundamental right from which all our other rights and freedoms flow. Free speech can be messy and at times ugly, but it is essential to maintain a free and vibrant society.

Deborah supports the entirety of the PPC platform, and the party’s guiding principles of personal responsibility, individual freedom, respect and fairness. Why not check out the party’s platform at to see what resonates with you.

It’s time to do politics differently.

It’s time for the People’s Party of Canada.

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